Horse Riding Tips for Beginners

horse ridingAre you planning on going horse riding for the first time? You might be feeling a bit nervous about it and it is absolutely normal. When planning to go horse riding, it is very important to be guided by an expert for the overall benefit of your safety. An expert with a guide you on all instructions that need to be adhered to, and create a safe environment so that you can avoid common accidents. You should never forget to embrace every single moment of your first time riding.

Here are some simple tips you need to follow to get the best out of your horse riding experience.

Wear proper horseback riding gear

It might be obvious to go without being said, but you don’t want to go horse riding without the right gear. You need to have long pants and proper footwear as these are essential for horseback riding. Any shoes with closed-toe are perfect for the job. However, it would be perfect to get cowboy boots or any pair of shoes with short heels.

Greet your horse

You need to understand that your horse is a living creature and needs your attention just like a pet. The horse could be nervous, tired or scared because of someone new riding on them. You, therefore, need to establish a good relationship with your horse from the beginning

Mount with confidence

If you are nervous, your horse will notice it and might become uneasy as well. Horses are normally trained to be mounted on the left side. In most cases, your guide will be holding the horse by its head as you mount it. If that is not the case, you may ask someone to do it to help you mount the horse.

Sit up straight

You should not slouch, but instead sit up straight and relaxed. The best position when looking forward to keeping control of your horse is to sit up straight and tall. You need to relax your back and hold the reins gently. After that, set a foot in each stirrup then hold your balance to ensure the horse is not carrying a heavier load.

Be gentle on the reins

Your riding technique will mostly be depended on the style you are learning. When riding, you need to take a rein in each hand as per English riding. However, in Western riding, you grab both reins in one hand. Whichever method you choose, you need to relax your arms and do not pull too hard as doing so might hurt the horse.




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