Common Horse Riding Mistakes to Avoid

horseRiding a horse can be a very fun experience. It can be quite rewarding and relaxing. However, those beginning horse riding have a habit of making some common mistakes. Others are involved in the wrong riding technique without their knowledge. You need to understand some basic lessons to get everything right. We look at some of the common mistakes people make when horse riding.

Skipping safety measures

It may be a bit tempting to cut corners at times. However, a place you should never try this is during horse riding. You need to look and evaluate your full safety in order to enjoy the fun associated with horse riding. The basic safety measures you should follow include wearing the right kind of footwear and a well-fitting riding helmet.

Staring at the Horse

When you are in the saddle, you are supposed to be watching where you are going, as compared to looking down at the horse. Looking at the horse may confuse it. When you are distracted, the horse changes the posture as you sit in the saddle. You will be stiffening your spine which in turn makes it hard for the horse to carry you properly. You need to watch where the horse is headed so that you can be alerted by any potential danger or obstacle.

Killing the Reins

Beginners may find some problems with this common mistake. If you pulling too hard on the reins, you can confuse your horse by sending a stop signal. If you continue to pull the reins too much, the horse will eventually ignore your commands. If this happens, it could lead to serious problems if the horse gets irritated in an effort to the pressure applied on the reins. All you need is to squeeze the reins lightly with a downward angle and the horse will stop.

Holding your breath

Beginners in horse riding tend to get nervous by holding their breath. This is a habit you would want to avoid as fast as possible. You need to remain calm when riding a horse. Also, you need to avoid bad posture. Slouching while seated in the saddle is never a good idea. It makes it even harder to control and balance yourself. You need to have a control over your horse and the best way to go about it is through sitting properly in the saddle. Take a deep breath and try sitting straight.







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