Ways to Stay in Top Shape

fitnessFor those of us who are involved in physically involving tasks like working at Aberdeen Tow Truck, we don’t struggle a lot to stay fit. However, there are those typically involved in 9-5 working hours in the life. Combines with eating patterns and other lifestyle issues, such people struggle to be fit. Staying physically fit is very important for all ages. As we grow older, regular exercise and a good nutrition become very important in keeping ourselves in top shape.

If you are looking forward to staying in a top shape health-wise, here are a couple of tips you must put into consideration.

Food choices

You must keep a keen eye on the type of foods you take. If you keep on eating bad meals consistently, its effect will start to show. You need to have your fish grilled and not fried, same as having your potatoes boiled and not sautéed. If you have to eat from the hotel, be cautious and ask vital questions to your waiter. You need to include loads of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Ensure that you reduce the intake and number of carbohydrates you feed to your body.


The choices you make on alcohol will play a big role in determining how you look. Typical numeric show that a beer has 180 calories, while a glass of wine has 160 calories. A single glass of vodka has 55 calories. You need to be aware of your alcohol choices. You might be consuming a very high number of calories without your understanding. You also need to be aware of what you mix in your drinks. Try at all times to stay away from sugar.


It is very important to stay active at all times through exercising. There are many effortless ways you can use to stay in a top form. You can go for long hiking walks be it in mountains or hiking trails. You can also decide to go swimming. You can as well include other forms of cardio training such as boxing, running on a treadmill, burpees among others. Whichever the form of cardio or fitness training exercise you choose, you need to ensure that it is something you love doing.


You need to prioritize on your health and fitness. Most people let work, family and other social engagements to take a huge portion of their time and get in the way of their exercise program. However, the very fit people always make exercise a key part of their life no matter what. Even if you have to wake up an hour earlier, there is a need to do so and ensure that you maintain your fitness discipline.

Enough sleep

The importance of enough sleep cannot be overstated. Being fit is not just about how often you work out, but the amount of quality rest you get. One of the top things people use to get healthy and in shape is through sleep. Sleep gives you the energy you need to approach the daily challenges that the day ahead of you presents. Aim to have at least 7 to 8 hours every day of quality sleep.

Tips to Take Care of Your Horse

horse careBefore you bring in a new horse at home, you need to learn about the basics of taking care to the horse. Taking care of a horse may be a delicate act. There are certain things you need to do on a routine basis, while other aspects need to be done weekly and monthly. The best way to keep track of what you need to do with a horse is to have a schedule that you must follow keenly.  Key of the things you need to do include;


The digestive system of a horse is made ready to process massive volumes of grass. The basic diet for the horse should be grass and a good quality hay which should be free from dust and mold. In most cases, you should feed your horse with plenty of fresh, clean and unfrozen water irrespective of the frequency your horse takes to water. You should be so keen on what you feed your horse to avoid poisoning instances.


Vaccination and deworming are very important as far as horses are concerned. You should discuss the specifics of this topic with an equine veterinarian. Every horse should be immunized to protect it from tetanus. Other important types of vaccines administered include that of equine influenza, equine herpes, and rabies.

Housing, Rest and Exercising

Horse exerciseContrary to what many think, straight stalls are not as bad as thought. This is especially true if the horse will be spending most of its time in the day outside. When horses are isolated in box stalls, they can develop behavioral problems that are associated with lack of companionship. Horses also need a good rest and exercising. They need mental stimulation every day.

Protection from extreme weather conditions

Unless it is very windy and wet, horses are able to tolerate much cold in a better way than they do under heat and humidity. If they are not able to sweat, they will struggle with getting rid of heat building up in the bodies.

Teeth and Hoof care

The horse’s hooves can be trimmed every six to eight weeks, especially if your horse is not getting adequate natural wear. If horses are given the opportunity to have their hooves strengthen naturally, then they do not need shoes.  In some cases, hooves problems that horse face are associated with wrong shoeing.  When it comes to teeth, their teeth grow continuously with time. Uneven wear may lead to sharp points and edges that cause some difficulties in chewing.


Common Horse Riding Mistakes to Avoid

horseRiding a horse can be a very fun experience. It can be quite rewarding and relaxing. However, those beginning horse riding have a habit of making some common mistakes. Others are involved in the wrong riding technique without their knowledge. You need to understand some basic lessons to get everything right. We look at some of the common mistakes people make when horse riding.

Skipping safety measures

It may be a bit tempting to cut corners at times. However, a place you should never try this is during horse riding. You need to look and evaluate your full safety in order to enjoy the fun associated with horse riding. The basic safety measures you should follow include wearing the right kind of footwear and a well-fitting riding helmet.

Staring at the Horse

When you are in the saddle, you are supposed to be watching where you are going, as compared to looking down at the horse. Looking at the horse may confuse it. When you are distracted, the horse changes the posture as you sit in the saddle. You will be stiffening your spine which in turn makes it hard for the horse to carry you properly. You need to watch where the horse is headed so that you can be alerted by any potential danger or obstacle.

Killing the Reins

Beginners may find some problems with this common mistake. If you pulling too hard on the reins, you can confuse your horse by sending a stop signal. If you continue to pull the reins too much, the horse will eventually ignore your commands. If this happens, it could lead to serious problems if the horse gets irritated in an effort to the pressure applied on the reins. All you need is to squeeze the reins lightly with a downward angle and the horse will stop.

Holding your breath

Beginners in horse riding tend to get nervous by holding their breath. This is a habit you would want to avoid as fast as possible. You need to remain calm when riding a horse. Also, you need to avoid bad posture. Slouching while seated in the saddle is never a good idea. It makes it even harder to control and balance yourself. You need to have a control over your horse and the best way to go about it is through sitting properly in the saddle. Take a deep breath and try sitting straight.







Horse Riding Tips for Beginners

horse ridingAre you planning on going horse riding for the first time? You might be feeling a bit nervous about it and it is absolutely normal. When planning to go horse riding, it is very important to be guided by an expert for the overall benefit of your safety. An expert with a guide you on all instructions that need to be adhered to, and create a safe environment so that you can avoid common accidents. You should never forget to embrace every single moment of your first time riding.

Here are some simple tips you need to follow to get the best out of your horse riding experience.

Wear proper horseback riding gear

It might be obvious to go without being said, but you don’t want to go horse riding without the right gear. You need to have long pants and proper footwear as these are essential for horseback riding. Any shoes with closed-toe are perfect for the job. However, it would be perfect to get cowboy boots or any pair of shoes with short heels.

Greet your horse

You need to understand that your horse is a living creature and needs your attention just like a pet. The horse could be nervous, tired or scared because of someone new riding on them. You, therefore, need to establish a good relationship with your horse from the beginning

Mount with confidence

If you are nervous, your horse will notice it and might become uneasy as well. Horses are normally trained to be mounted on the left side. In most cases, your guide will be holding the horse by its head as you mount it. If that is not the case, you may ask someone to do it to help you mount the horse.

Sit up straight

You should not slouch, but instead sit up straight and relaxed. The best position when looking forward to keeping control of your horse is to sit up straight and tall. You need to relax your back and hold the reins gently. After that, set a foot in each stirrup then hold your balance to ensure the horse is not carrying a heavier load.

Be gentle on the reins

Your riding technique will mostly be depended on the style you are learning. When riding, you need to take a rein in each hand as per English riding. However, in Western riding, you grab both reins in one hand. Whichever method you choose, you need to relax your arms and do not pull too hard as doing so might hurt the horse.